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The event will take place in the building: Ca’ Vignal 2.

Yuri Kondratiev
[Bielefeld University, Dept. of Mathematics, Bielefeld]

8th of May – 12.30-14.30 – Room M

9th of May – 14.30-18.30– Room M

11th of May – 8.30-11.30– Room M

15th of May – 9.30-11.30– Room G

16th of May – 14.30-18.30 – Room M

18th of May –  8.30-11.30 – Room M


Mathematical models of interacting particle; systems in the continuum; Birth-and-death; statistical dynamics; Mesoscopic limits and kinetic equations; Fractional statistical dynamics; Fractional kinetics


We have selected a short list of accommodation facilities in Verona. You can find it here